Canoe trip

Canoeing on the Gudenå

Vestbirk Camping offer day trips on the river Gudenå in a canoe between 16.06-31.12.

Canoe (max. 3 persons) kr. 650,00

The trips are based on a tour either to or from the campsite, and the price thus includes either delivering the canoe to the tent site in Aale or Aastedbro or picking up the canoe at the collection site at Klostermølle.

Canoes may also be dropped off at the tent site in Voervadsbro for a stoppage fee of DKK 50 per
canoe, which is paid directly at the tent site.


When ordering, we register for the tour on the Gudenå Committee’s website, and when the
registration is accepted, we send confirmation with collection of the payment.

If the registration is not accepted (there are no tours available for the time in question), we will of course notify you of this.

As the number of tours are limited, it is advisable to book as early as possible.

Basically, you must pay for your own transport to the place of departure/from the destination, but there is, however, the option of return transport from Klostermølle/Voervadsbro.

During the school summer holidays, the counter-flow bus (free) runs daily from Klostermølle at 16 (Voervadsbro at 16.10) with the option of transport back to the campsite. Alternatively, it is possible to rent a bicycle for DKK 150.00, which, after ordering, is ready at the end station or, alternatively, can be collected at the departure point.

Do you have questions?

We are ready to answer any questions you may have that cannot be answered here on the website.

So don’t hesitate to call or write to us.

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